Steel Retaining Walls

Steel retaining walls can be constructed with either universal columns (UC’s) or universal beams (UB’s). They are often used as temporary retaining for safe shoring of vertical cuts. When used as a permanent retaining wall, the steel can be painted with an epoxy or galvanized for corrosion. While often utilising round poles as whalers, they can also have timber planks or even concrete panels fitted between the steel.

Steel retaining walls can be erected on boundary lines with minimal intrusion onto the property, and can be constructed as the site is excavated. They can be built from the top down before excavation, or by battering back, depending on the site requirements.

Common Applications

  • Road embankments
  • Slip protection and rehabilitation
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Temporary access
  • Driveway retention and support
  • Site protection
  • Cliff retention
  • Residential, commercial and infrastructure projects