RC Piles

Spiral Drillers can construct drilled reinforced concrete piles up to 3.6m diameter, and to depths of up to 42m. Larger, deep piles are constructed using our fixed mast machines, while our fleet of pendulum rigs are used for smaller projects.

Low headroom and/or tight access piles can be constructed using one of our micro rigs with capacity of up to 1.0m diameter to depths of up to 20m, site and rig dependant.

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles are constructed by utilising a hollow stem, continuous flight auger to drill into the ground to a specified depth. Soil is removed whilst drilling, and concrete is then pumped through the hollow stem, as the auger is slowly extracted. After concreting, the steel reinforcement cage is installed into the fresh concrete.

CFA piles can be up to 1200mm in diameter. Depths up to 23m reinforced.

Displacement piles are installed without soil removal, made possible by a specialist drilling tool displacing the soil laterally toward the bore walls. On completion of the boring operation, the tool is extracted while concrete is pumped through the hollow stem. The steel reinforcement cage is then plunged into the fresh concrete.

Displacement piles can be up to 750mm in diameter. Depths up to 24m reinforced.

Belled piles are constructed with the enlarged bearing area at the bottom of the pile created using a specialised belling tool.

Grooved piles are completed using a special grooving tool to achieve greater loading capacity compared with standard bored piles.  

Collapsing holes can be supported by temporary or permanent casings (caissons), in particular ground conditions drilling can be undertaken using mineral (bentonite) or polymer slurries. If there is excessive ground water, concrete can be tremmie poured to ensure a good quality pile is cast.

Common Applications

  • Contiguous wall
  • Soldier pile wall
  • Palisade wall
  • Foundation piles
  • Bridge piles
  • Underpinning of existing structures
  • Internal piles
  • Pylon foundations
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Roading gantries and signage