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In the late 1960s, Brian Hannah and his wife, Dorothy, had a small agricultural contracting business, based in Tuakau. The Spiral Drillers journey began in 1971 when Brian, ever the entrepreneur, saw an opportunity to diversify and expand, starting with drilling and later incorporating piling works. Over the years as Brian and Dorothy’s young family grew, so did their business, with a culture of innovation becoming a key factor in the company’s continued success.

In 2010, Jon Faber and Andy Hannah assumed the roles of co-owners at Spiral, with the aim of further enhancing the business and establishing it as the premier specialist piling company in New Zealand. The company’s progressive expansion persisted, focusing on large commercial projects and technically complex jobs, that demanded specialist expertise. As a result, project opportunities expanded beyond the greater Auckland and Waikato regions, which had been the company’s previous service areas.

Spiral took another significant step forward in 2018 by acquiring Hauraki Piling. The strategic acquisition of Hauraki, an established company since 1990, bought about improved economies of scale and granted access to a broader range of resources along with expertise in the infrastructure sector. In 2020 we further expanded our transportation division to include Heavy Haulage, enabling us to efficiently transport our own large plant and machinery while also serving external customers.

In September 2023, we moved our Auckland operations and people into a new purpose-built facility in Drury South. We operate across the civil infrastructure, commercial, and residential sectors, offering heavy haulage, transportation and plant and equipment hire services. Our capacity and capabilities continue to expand, allowing us to deliver reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions throughout New Zealand.

Our Values


We work as a unified and supportive team, who care about protecting each other's wellbeing and safety.


We build trustworthy connections by being respectful, professional and honest in our interactions and relationships.

Customer Focus

We collaborate as a team, embrace change and are agile in our approach to deliver the desired solutions and outcomes for customers on time and within budget.


We are innovative in our thinking and approach to technical challenges, while using resources efficiently and sustainably.

Our Leaders

Jon Faber - Spiral Drillers

Jon Faber

Co-owner and Managing Director

As Managing Director Jon is responsible for the overall management of Spiral Drillers and co-leads the company with Andy. He has over 30 years' experience in construction, including 12 years in the piling industry. Jon is passionate about creating a positive workplace culture that encourages our team members to grow, and find satisfaction in providing great results. He has extensive governance and leadership experience for private companies, industry organisations and community groups. Jon is committed to building strong working relationships and delivering mutually beneficial outcomes for stakeholders.

Andrew Hannah - Spiral Drillers

Andy Hannah

Co-owner and Operations Director

Andy has been immersed in the piling industry from a young age, building his knowledge and experience over a 30 year period. He has continued to be at the forefront of piling techniques, methods, and technology. As Operations Director Andy's invaluable expertise, drive and support enables our teams to safely deliver, practical, innovative and cost effective solutions for the most challenging of foundation projects. He is a master of the art of piling and has extensive knowledge of the unique geotechnical ground conditions in New Zealand. Andy is passionate about the work we deliver for our clients and for the wider community.

Our Team

Spiral Drillers Team Photo

Our people are not only the backbone of our business but also our family. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our teams at all times.

We have exceptional staff retention, a number of our team members have been with us for over 25 years. Our team is continuously growing, yet we remain steadfast in maintaining our inclusive family culture. We prioritise internal promotion, enabling our employees to grow within the company. Our noteworthy reputation precedes us, with new staff members eager to become part of the Spiral family.

At Spiral, the welfare of our people is not an add-on or complimentary practise; it is at the core of our values.

We are committed to actively engaging in and supporting the professional development and apprenticeship training of our staff. We are collaborating with Waihanga Ara Rau and the Piling Technical Advisory Group to develop training and unit standard qualifications respectively, for our Piling Operators.

The specialist expertise and flexibility of our teams, along with our in house R&D and design capabilities, ensures that we can agilely adapt to evolving project needs and deliver you optimal results.

Our site staff are the lifeblood of our organisation. We take pride in our large team of trained and experienced Drilling and Piling Operators, Certified Crane Operators, and dedicated on-the-ground support staff. They play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of your project and maintaining the safety of our sites and personnel. Additionally, our Site Engineers and Project Managers are present onsite to provide assistance and support to the individuals who are actively involved in the work.

Our welders and engineers seamlessly transition between our workshops and project sites to provide comprehensive fabrication services. They are readily available prior to the project’s commencement, during its progress and in scenarios where conditions change or alternative methodologies and material requirements arise midway through.

Behind the scenes, we have a dedicated team of experienced Quantity Surveyors, Bid and Contract Managers, and staff responsible for ensuring proper direction and documentation right from the start. Additionally, we have skilled personnel in place to coordinate plant and people, as well as a team of efficient administration staff.

Our leaders embrace an open-door philosophy, fostering an environment where we know each other well and we know the drill.

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