Access Shafts

Spiral Drillers Civil has been installing large diameter access shafts for over 20 years.

These shafts range in finished diameter from 3.6m and down to 40m in depth. Shafts provide a safe and cost effective solution

construction benefit to micro-tunneling operations, pump station construction, manhole installation and even silo construction.

Our equipment and tooling capabilities combined with our drilling methods have positioned Spiral Drillers Civil as the leader in large diameter auger excavations. We have successfully excavated these large shafts under both dry and wet conditions.

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Access Shafts

Common Applications

  • Micro-tunneling
  • Trenchless drilling
  • Manhole installation
  • Silo construction
  • Outfalls

Some example projects we've done for Access Shafts...

Equipment we utilise for Access Shafts...