Sheet Pile Hire

Large range, affordable hireage rates

We have a large stock of FSP3A sheetpile to hire, including new and used, 6 metre, 9 metre and 12 metre lengths.

The cost of hire is $6 + GST per day for a 12m length sheet, with a price reduction to $5 + GST per day for sheet hire longer that 3 weeks.
These sheets create a clutched sheet pile wall approximately 340mm thick.

Vibro (Vibratory Hammer) hire also available starting from $3000 + GST per week.

Sheet Pile Spec: FSP-111A

Width 400mm (450mm overall)
Height 150mm (190mm overall)
Thickness 13.1mm (16mm face)
Weight 58.5kg/m

Please call 0800SPIRAL for more information.