Fixed Mast Drill Rigs

25t - 46t

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CM39 25t 2.9mw
SR30 33t 2.55-3.7mw
R-312 36t 2.9-4.0mw
R-412 46t 2.9-4.0mw

The fixed mast rigs are our largest drilling machines, and capable of drilling up to 3.8m diametre, and to depths of 45m.

Being fixed mast, drilling a plumb hole is more accurate and faster than a pendulum rig, although the savings in time need to be considered next to the requirement of heavy haulage transport.

Generally these drilling rigs are used for deeper reinforced concrete piles for highrise building, bridges and wharves, but are also the best option for rock drilling in volcanic basalt rock.

Due to the ability to drill large diameters, often these are used for access shafts and manholes.

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