Excavator Pendulum Drill Rigs

1.5t - 30t

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1.5t 1.0-1.2mw 2.7mh
3.5t 1.65mw
4t 1.85mw
8.8t 2.3mw 2.75mh
12t 2.5mw
13.8t 2.5mw
14t 2.6mw
20t 2.9mw
22.8t 3.0mw
30t 3.2mw

The most versatile of the drill rig categories with capabilities that include:

Drilled and bored piles, screw piles, sheet piles, casing installation and removal, as well as loading out spoil.

With the smallest of our excavator drill rigs being just under 1.0m wide, Spiral Drillers can complete most home and small building projects with a rig that suits the access limitations and design of the project.

The pendulum rig is mainly used for decks, residential house and smaller building foundations and retaining walls.

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