Waikeria Prison Development

Sector: Driven Circular Steel Hollow Section Displacement Piles
Location: Waikeria
Client: CPB Contractors

CPB Contractors awarded Spiral Drillers the contract to install 3168 x 270mm Circular Steel Hollow Section Displacement Piles to form part of the foundation structure for 26 new buildings and the perimeter fence for a new purpose built prison facility. Upon completion of driving, the piles were mass filled with concrete and nelson studs were installed to tie into the pad foundation.

The scale of this project required the use of 3 x purpose built Pile Driving Rigs. Driving hammers were all hydraulic and varied in weight from 6 to 7 ton. Two Crane Mounted Rigs and one Fixed Mast Driving Rig were used, accompanied by the necessary plant and equipment to efficiently service the work areas.

Spiral Drillers assumed responsibility for procurement of the steel and welding of endplates, to offer a full delivery of the piling scope. Our Junttan PM25 Piling Rig allowed us to drive singular lengths of up to 23 metres, with longer piles being welded in-situ. This capacity significantly reduced the amount of welding required, consequently shortening the critical path of the project.

Given our extensive experience in driven piles and experience with multi-work front projects Spiral Drillers was able to offer a comprehensive solution as the sole contractor for one of the largest piling contracts in New Zealand.

The exceptional work carried out on the Waikeria Prison Development Project led Spiral Drillers to be recognised and awarded the Most Innovative Company at the 2021 Civil Contractors New Zealand Awards, Auckland Branch. Our submission showcased our purpose built forklift pile testing unit, robotic welder for splicing and automated welding beds to turn pipes for attaching end plates.