Scott Road, Hobsonville

Sector: CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piles
Location: Hobsonville
Client: Dempsey Wood

Spiral Drillers was contracted by Dempsey Wood to install 110 x CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piles for a Palisade Wall. The piles varied in diameter, with sizes ranging from 600mm to 750mm, up to 15.3 metres deep. Concrete and reinforcing cage supply were included in the scope of works as well as removal of drilling spoil.

Our Soilmec SR-65 Drill Rig was used for drilling and concreting works. The SR-65 allows the operator to complete drilling and concreting works in auto mode, with minimal operator intervention. By utilising auto mode, we not only ensured superior quality of the end product but also enhanced overall efficiency.

In addition to the SR-65, we used a 55 ton Crawler Crane, three Excavators, an elevated work platform (EWP), a compressor and a full time stationary concrete pump to support the project’s requirements.

A notable aspect of the CFA methodology employed on this project is the sequence of construction. Unlike the conventional approach of drilling the hole first, placing the cage second, and pouring the concrete third, in CFA methodology, we pour the concrete before placing the cage. The reinforcing is then plunged into the freshly poured concrete. This method allowed us to achieve significant productivity.

By leveraging our expertise and advanced equipment, Spiral Drillers successfully completed the CFA pile installation for this project, delivering exceptional results in a timely manner.