Rawene Ave, Westmere

Sector: Drill Only
Location: Westmere, Auckland

As restricted access specialists Spiral Drillers was tasked with drilling two 600mm diameter holes, 6.5 metres deep, for this residential project. To accomplish this, we used our TC7 Micro Drill Rig.

The project site presented exceptional challenges in terms of access, even for our TC7. It had to manoeuvre through tight spaces, navigating temporary fill, slopes, curves, and even a crane leg. However, our team rose to the occasion, finding a way to overcome these obstacles and ensure a successful outcome.

The work area was very limited, with no room to slew. The deck was removed, and despite the restricted space our team efficiently carried out the necessary tasks.

Our client was extremely pleased with the speed and efficiency of our work, further validating our commitment to delivering exceptional results.