MSC Calliope South Wharf Upgrade

Sector: Wharf Extension Piles, Deck & Dolphin Piles
Location: Devonport Naval Base
Client: Downer for New Zealand Defence Force

This significant project included the installation of 14 x 1500mm diameter piles, reaching a maximum drill depth of 45 metres. The piles served two distinct purposes: a 20 metre Wharf Extension at the western end and a separate 14 metre sq. Dolphin Structure at the eastern end. To carry out construction, Spiral used a fleet of 3 Crawler Cranes, a Soilmec RT3 Crane mounted Drill Rig, and other ancillary equipment.

The maximum permissible weight on the wharf was restricted to 55 ton, which meant that Spiral was limited to using smaller equipment than would normally be used for such large piles. Temporary Staging Works were installed from the existing wharf structure, to allow construction of the wharf piles.

In addition to the 1500mm piles, 13 x 610mm diameter Bottom Driven Retro-fit Fender Piles were installed to provide support for a concrete block, where a new SuperCone Fender was attached.