22 Popes Road, Takanini

Sector: Reinforced Concrete Piles & Driven Timber Piles
Location: Takanini, Auckland
Client: Falcone Group on behalf of HOJ Group Ltd

Spiral Drillers were contracted to install 32 x Reinforced Concrete Piles and 599 x Driven Timber Piles for foundations for three warehouses.

The Reinforced Concrete Piles were 1200mm diameter, up to 10 metres deep. The Driven Timber Piles were a mixture of Uglies and SED’s, 6-8 metres deep, with piles spread across 3 blocks. Uglies are debarked rather than peeled so look ‘ugly’ as a result. SED’s (Small End Diameter)'s are naturally tapered (6-8mm per metre), machine peeled poles.

Our construction works were supported by a 50 ton Crawler Crane, 45 ton Drill Rig, Pile Driver, Log Loader and various other ancillary equipment.

Our teams onsite included engineers to weld and splice casings and cages. Challenges arose with varied Waitemata rock depths at each pile location, requiring us to cut or splice casings accordingly.