Our Team


Andrew Hannah Managing Director

Andrew brings an abundance of knowledge and piling experience to Spiral Drillers, and has been with the company for over 15 years. With a passion for accepting a challenge and specialising in difficult work situations, Andrew’s expertise is invaluable ensuring safe, practical and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging piling requirements.

Andrew is the Co-Managing Director of Spiral Drillers and is the driving force behind Marketing and New Business Development within the company.

M:027 270 5407



Jon Faber Managing Director

With over 20 years experience of managing civil projects, Jon draws on his broad knowledge to deliver and exceed client's expectations.

Jon is the Co-Managing Director of Spiral Drillers, and is responsible for the company's general management. Jon's role involves: Human Resources, Operations and Project Management, consulting with engineers, geologists, architects, and liaising with clients.

M:027 237 8965



Brian Hannah Research and Development Manager

Brian is the founder of Spiral Drillers and he designed and built his first drilling rig in 1971. Brian's entrepreneurial drive built the company into one of the top piling companies in New Zealand.

Research and Development is Brian's passion and his major role in the company today. His drive ensures Spiral Drillers Civil continues to be a market leader in innovation.


Hitesh Baxi Bid & Commercial Manager 

Hitesh has a Diploma in Civil Engineering and has vast experience of 24 years in the civil construction & building industry both overseas and local with 10 + years in piling industries. Hitesh takes a special interest in alternative piling solutions. Using his extensive knowledge of current market rates, quality sub-contractors and suppliers, 

Hitesh is responsible for carrying out pricing on all civil and piling projects.

M:027 444 1631



Geoff Paton Operations Manager

Geoff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Spiral Drillers Civil team. With over 12 years in the company, there isn’t much he doesn’t know when it comes to the practical issues of piling. Combined with his attention to detail and passion for the highest level of customer service, Geoff leads his teams by example.

M:027 222 4406