Soldier Piles, Devonport

Upgrading the existing property on the clifftop side of Stanley Point, Auckland, involves the requirement for 750mm diametre piles, 14m deep to secure the cliff. Unfortunately for the client, the council requirements meant the existing garage had to stay while the works were being done, so all of our equipment needed to access the locations under a 2.4m high roof. The main photo shows the custom built carrier that was used for transporting the cages into site.

To make things more interesting, the concrete trucks could get no closer than 70m from the palisade wall, so extra piping was required for the concrete pumps.

Using our TC7 to drill, and a spider crane to install the cages in sections, all within a confined area meant this project took more finesse than usual.

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image of service Soldier Piles, Devonport

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