Lift Shaft, Onehunga

A new lift was required in an existing building by the water in Onehunga. Unfortunately it was discovered after the fact that there was 6m deep of marine mud under the location for the future lift. This caused a design requirement change of 4 RC piles, 8m deep to be installed through the mud into the bedrock below.

Top driving heavy walled steel caissons was the most cost effective option available to ensure a good pile.

Using our D300 Red Rig, and driving the open ended casings in sections to the hard 6m below, fully welding each 1.2m section as we went. Once the caisson was installed, drilling out the pile using a 1.5 excavator rig with extendable kellies, then installing the cages in sections and tremmie pouring the piles.

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image of service Lift Shaft, Onehunga

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