Reinforced Concrete Piles

Spiral Drillers can construct drilled reinforced concrete piles up to 3.6m diametre, and to depths of up to 42m. Larger, deeper piles are constructed using our fixed mast machines while our fleet of pendulum rigs are used for smaller projects.

Belled piles can be belled up to 3600mm diametre with a special belling tool.

Grooved piles are achieved using a special grooving tool to the project specification.

Boreholes can be supported by temporary or permanent casings (caissons) as per soil conditions. Casing for all diameters can be installed and advanced ahead of drilling works using our various vibratory hammers.

In wet soil with high ground water levels, drilling can done using mineral (bentonite) or polymer slurries.


20t rock drilling.jpg

Mount Wellington internal rock drilling

20t pendulum rig drilling basalt indoors at Sylvia Park

TC7 Takapuna.JPG

Takapuna low headroom piles

750d and 14m deep under 3.4m head height.

temporary cased piles.jpg

Temporary Casing (Caisson)

Soft collapsing ground forced the use of temporary casings.