Pile Driving

Driven Piles are columns generally made from either timber, steel or concrete. Designed for various loadings in different shapes and sizes. They are classified as displacement piles and normally environmentally friendly due to no spoil removal.

Driven Piles are installed using impact hammers, vibratory hammers or screwed into the ground.

Driven piles can be readily tested by static or dynamic testing. Pile Driving can be very useful in soft or toxic ground conditions where a cast in situ pile may be subject to necking or corrosion issues.

Pile driving is generally a cost effective solution for foundation stability, although due to the noise and vibration created when driving piles, can cause concern in some environments, especially to neighbouring buildings. Vibration monitoring is often required in this situation. 

A driven pile, is a tested pile!



PD6000 pile driving steel, Highbrook.JPG

Steel Pile Driving, Highbrook, Auckland

PD6000 driving 24m steel UC's at Highbrook commercial site, South Auckland.

Pile driving South Auckland.JPG

South Auckland driven steel

Driven Steel Foundations for Commercial Project

driven precast concrete piles.JPG

Driven precast concrete piles

6 tonne hammer driving precast concrete piles