Micro Piling

On sites with restricted access or low headroom or with restriction on fumes or where heavy plant is prohibited, foundations may be constructed using a micro piling/mini piling option as this is often the only viable alternative with minimal vibration.

Micro piles can typically be installed using small scale piling rigs able to work in limited access or for low headroom piling. Our micro piling machines can access most areas inside a house, basements or low headroom sites even with tight or difficult access. We can drill piles from 250mm diameter to 900mm diameter up to a depth of 15m. Pile driving under a low head height is also possible in certain circumstances using the bottom pile driving method or top driving steel in sections.  

Significant use of micro piles has been done in seismic strengthening and retrofitting applications in earthquake zones. It can be used for foundation upgrades, refurbishment works, temporary and permanent piling applications for both tension and compression loading and are well suited to a wide variety of ground conditions. They can be installed with small piling rigs and can be raked or angled.




Low head height lift shaft

Four lift piles required in an existing building, 450d, 8m deep, through 6m of Manukau mud.


M-Track crane Birkenhead, Auckland

Difficult access deck piles.